Month: June 2015

Inspiration or Imagination

William Blake believed every word he wrote came from God. I’m not so blessed as that. Most of my words come from my imagination. I’m not convinced distinguishing between imagination and inspiration is critical to our stories or our lives,

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Saint Augustine’s Agenda

I’m going way out on limb here. On a road trip I listened to a Great Courses lecture on St. Augustine. A remarkable fellow. Brilliant and charismatic. At one point Augustine founded a college. But before he could get it

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What Might the Spirit Give Us?

Most obviously the spirit may give us lines that are either clearly or subtly profound and perhaps original, such as Dimitri Karamazov’s, “Only how is he [anyone] going to be good without God? That’s the question. I always come back

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A Colossal Mistake

My son Cody, at age thirteen, picked up a Bible and started reading. Later that evening, he announced, “Hey, I thought this would be a lot of preaching, but it’s a great story.” Whatever the Bible may be to whomever, there’s

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