Our classes offer rigorous university level instruction.

As a licensed and accredited college, we developed a full complement of classes designed to meet the requirements for the Master of Arts degree and the major requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. In our new incarnation,  having given up the accreditation for reasons explained on our History page, we are able to offer these valuable classes at a much lower cost.

Classes below, as well as those listed on the pages for: Creative Writing and Writing and the Spirit, are open to all regardless of enrollment in a program

Grammar for Writers (Writing 101) is an in-depth, nitty-gritty, study and practice of grammar rules that apply to writing today. Students dig into The Elements of Style by Strunk & White and laugh their way through today’s grammar world with Grammar Girl’ s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing by Mignon Fogarty. Says Professor Nicole, “The best way to learn is to do. So we do a lot of writing, editing, and revising our own work and some of our (or just my) favorite published authors.”

Writing Essays (Writing 503) offers an introduction to the art and craft of essay and speech writing. Students will gain the skills, confidence and motivation to begin writing essays and speeches of various styles and intents. They will exhibit the ability to describe structural elements of compelling essays and speeches and to demonstrate in their writing the principles of clear, concise and fluent prose.

Writing Criticism and Reviews (Writing 506) tackles the craft of writing of literary criticism and reviews of books and other media through the study of exemplary works and the practice of writing a variety of critical essays and reviews. Students will gain the skills and confidence to begin writing literary criticism and reviews of the books they read, the films they watch, the plays or dance productions they attend. They will demonstrate the ability to describe structural elements of compelling criticism and reviews and to write clear, concise and fluent prose.

Screenwriting (Writing 508) acquaints students with the key elements in writing a feature-length screenplay: screenplay structure, plot development, scene development, characterization, and dialog.  Books on craft, the professor’s guidance, and several writing assignments require that students demonstrate their mastery of the basics and their ability to conceptualize their feature-length script. They submit a short film script, a beat sheet or treatment for their full-length screenplay, and the first act of their screenplay.

COST AND PAYMENT OPTIONS: The current cost (2017) of Perelandra College classes is $60 per credit for classes other than Independent Study in Writing, tuition for which is $100 per 10,000 words submitted, to allow for the professor’s compensation for time spent in critiques and/or edits.

Our preferred payment method is prepayment for each class using the paypal donate button below. Another option is by setting up recurring monthly payments using the recurring payment portal below. A $50 monthly payment allows a student to participate in our classes. 

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