Our classes offer rigorous university level instruction.

As a licensed and accredited college, we developed a full complement of classes designed to meet the requirements for the Master of Arts degree and the major requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. In our new incarnation,  having given up the accreditation for reasons explained on our History page, we are able to offer these valuable classes at a much lower cost.

Our classes are open to all regardless of enrollment in a program.


Writing and the Spirit (Writing 551): Through reading and experiential exercises, learn how to live in ways most compatible with becoming inspired. 

Story Basics (Writing 552): Develop skills in writing fiction and non-fiction stories within an open yet effective structure that not only offers room for but also invites inspiration.

Poetry Basics (Writing 502): Approach poetry emphasizing ways to use the language more effectively in all modes of writing. Includes readings from exemplary poets.

Writing Essays (Writing 503) offers an introduction to the art and craft of essay and speech writing. Students will gain the skills, confidence and motivation to begin writing essays and speeches of various styles and intents. 

Writing Criticism and Reviews (Writing 506) tackles the craft of writing of literary criticism and reviews of books and other media through the study of exemplary works and the practice of writing a variety of critical essays and reviews.

Advanced Story: (Writing 511, 3 credits) Reading assignments explore the structure of dramatic fiction and encourage students to find, refine, or expand their artistic vision. Writing assignments ask them to put into practice what they have discovered. Prerequisite: Writing 552 or consent of professor.

Independent Study in Literature:  (Literature 570)
Read: Works of literature, philosophy, and/or religion. Write: Essays concerning how the works read have informed your writing.

 Independent Study in Writing (Writing 570) allows students the opportunity to work under the supervision of an established writer while creating and/or revising a book length manuscript.

In addition, we offer classes in Wisdom, which can be used as Creative Writing Advanced Certificate electives.

Cost and Payment Options: The current cost (beginning 12/1/2018) of Perelandra College classes is $40 per credit for classes other than Independent Study in Writing, tuition for which is $80 per 10,000 words submitted, to allow for the professor’s compensation for time spent in critiques and/or edits.

Our preferred payment method is prepayment for each class using the paypal donate button below. Another option is by setting up recurring monthly payments using the recurring payment portal. A $40 monthly payment allows a student to participate in our classes. 

Please let us know who you are and what you are looking for by completing and submitting this information form or email with questions.