Our Mission:

The short version:  Our mission is to help artists receive inspiration and learn the writer’s craft.

The long version:  Our mission is to help artists (or those who aspire to create art) receive (from their imaginations and their spirits, from wise and informed mentors, and from experience) learn craft (through practice and instruction), understand (in deep, lasting and applicable ways), then write (stories, novels, poems, screenplays, essays of all sorts, whatever they feel called or driven to create), publish (in the best, most refined, powerful and beautiful form with whatever publisher, large or small, suits their message, craft and  goals), and promote (with advice and assistance) the whole truth (in accord with their beliefs and regardless of trends, prejudices or preferences dictated by institutions or commercial considerations).

Our History:   Learn more about who we are, where we are coming from, and where we intend to go.

Q & A:   Straight answers to questions about the value of our programs.