PCGA 2018

TOURNAMENT  September 8, 2018, Bonita Golf Course

Players please arrive a half hour before their starting time. 

Group 1 at 12:00 — Mark Clifton, Ralph Tharp, Jessie Garcia. Steve Insko

Group 2 at 12:08  — Ken Kuhlken, Mike Kellems, Mike’s son

Group 3 at 12:15  –Darrell Rogers, Mark Swanson, Greg Taylor, Tim Jollett

Group 4 at 12:23 — Ron Argo, Mary Anderson, Dallas Field, Lucas Field


Low score – foursome with carts at Mission Trails Golf Course
Closest to the hole on number 9 — foursome with carts at Tecolote Canyon Golf Course
Longest drive on fairway number 18 — twosome with carts at Bonita Golf Course
Closest to the hole on number 15 — driver from Berry’s Athletic Supply
Fewest putts — $50 gift certificate to Sprouts Market
Coolest dresser – $25 gift certificate from Nandos Taco Shop, 8025 Broadway, Lemon Grove


Perelandra Golf Association Tournament Rules and Rationales

To provide suitable scapegoats: Our official Mark Clifton will assign each group an scorekeeper. Scorekeepers are responsible for the enforcement of the following rules and for judging any disputes:

To keep us moving along: If on any given hole a player’s strokes reach a total of triple bogie, the player stops and takes that score. No score over triple bogie is accepted.

No more than three putts will be counted on any hole: Hitting more than three putts on a hole is so shameful it can damage a person’s self-image far more than a game of pleasure should allow.

To avoid excessive frustration and cussing and keep lost balls to a minimum: No provisional balls are to be played. All penalty situations such as out of bounds or lost ball will be played as if they were lateral water hazards. The ball should be placed within two club lengths of the point at which the ball entered the hazard or out of bounds or was lost, or two club lengths plus the width of any cart path the ball needs to cross. The placement shall be no closer to the hole than the entry point or location where the ball is deemed to have been lost. The exact placement of a ball to substitute for a lost ball shall be determined by the player subject to the okay of the scorekeeper. In all cases cited above, the penalty is one stroke.

NO MULLIGANS: Hitting a shot over is allowed, but for each shot hit, a stroke will be counted.

Because we generally don’t play on the most manicured country club courses, winter rules apply year around (ball can be moved 6 inches in the fairway, and we extend this to the first cut rough.)

To spare the golf course repair costs, etc: A ball can be moved with no penalty two club lengths from any man-made obstacle including out-of-bounds fences.

To help us all in our quest for humility: No gimme putts in tournament play. All players must sink the ball on every hole unless they have reached triple bogie or three putts on that hole. Then they should pick up the ball, slink off and meditate on what went wrong.

All rules not specifically detailed above will be as given in the other PGA Rules handbook. Mark has a copy and can be reached at 619-977-6790.