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Become Perfect

Somebody asked a master painter how to paint a perfect painting. He answered, β€œTo paint a perfect painting, first become perfect, then paint.” So, I translated, to write a perfect story, become perfect then write. I labored over this advice,

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What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus would tell a story. When my son Cody was 14 and more troubled than I can write about and keep from feeling my heart break all over again, I gave him a Bible. I had only recently begun attending

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Some time ago, during one of those periods when I have been obsessed with the goal of learning more about love, I came across M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Travelled, in which he gave a definition I found plenty

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Kierkegaard and Good Ol’ Charlie Brown

Even during the rare times when my mind is able to fully engage, I might read a paragraph or page of Soren Kierkegaard and find my only reaction is “Huh?” I might read the page over again and again and

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