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Love Your Work

If we love our work, we will treat it with profound respect. Flannery O’Connor was one of the great originals. She could be honest, profound and outrageous all at once. So I value her opinion more than most people’s. In

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Saint Augustine’s Agenda

I’m going way out on limb here. On a road trip I listened to a Great Courses lecture on St. Augustine. A remarkable fellow. Brilliant and charismatic. At one point Augustine founded a college. But before he could get it

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Angels and Demons 1

A mysterious force prompted me to read a Frank Peretti novel. I found a deal on The Visitation. After reading that, feeling compelled to read another, I bought This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness, both of which I had

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A Masterpiece

Long ago, in Chico, California, I was with students in a taco shop after a creative writing class I taught at the state university a few blocks away. A student, a black-haired beauty incongruously named Mord, said, “Writing is so

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Isaiah’s Rules for Writers (1)

In State of the Union, I suggested that Isaiah, in chapter 61, while prophesying the ministry of Jesus, may have also offered career advice to us writers. Suppose he did, and suppose a writer who decides to follow the prophet’s

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Okay, We’re Ransomed, Now What?

We Christ followers believe we were ransomed, bought out of imprisonment, and granted freedom. So what does this mean to us writers (and by extension to every believer)? I suspect the answer depends upon our level of gratitude. The casually

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Clerks and Errand Boys

The other day I read about a writer for Guns and Ammo magazine who was abruptly fired after an article of his questioned the notion that any regulation of guns was unconstitutional. Apparently advertisers suggested that if the writer stayed,

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