Below are links to resources Perelandra College professors and students have found to be informative, thought provoking, and/or useful. 

Food for thought: 

Mosaic, for podcasts of messages from a church founded by Erwin McManus, a strong advocate of the arts;

Evangelicals for Social Action, an organization of Christians advocating for justice and mercy. Their newsletter, Epistle, puts current events in a reasoned Biblical perspective.

Open Culture — The best free cultural and educational media on the web.  An astonishing collection of great (and free) ebooks, lectures, classes, readings.

Brain Pickings, for lots of wisdom, delivered weekly.

Brian Zahnd preaches and writes about living in the Kingdom of God while physically situated in a kingdom ruled by what Friedrich Nietzsche termed the “will to power”. Find books and podcasts on his website.

What some of our faculty members are up to:

Saving the earth — Steve Saint is deeply involved in permaculture. Click the link to learn about him and the movement.

Ken Kuhlken’s latest novels, three books (Midheaven, The Very Least, and the Answer to Everything) together become Hickey and McGee, at once an epic love story and a saga of crime, corruption, faith, madness, and extreme courage.

Some services and resources we recommend:

Gonbot Studio, where you’ll find Ron Goff, a smart, experienced, cordial and fair priced tech guy;

Crystal Bowman, for editing services, non-fiction;

Laurie Gibson, for editing services, fiction and non-fiction.

James Garfield, for copy editing;

Hickey’s Books, a small press whose profits support Perelandra College.

PaperFixr is an editing and proofreading service especially valuable for rush jobs.  

Construct your own higher education: Open Education Database offers links to over 10,000 online classes, many of them free.

If your desire for education is primarily about earning a degree for employment purposes, here’s a website that may help. 

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