Certificate Plus

Perelandra College Basic Certificate Plus or Disneyland: a cost analysis

Our Creative Writing Basic Certificate Plus program requires the following:

(Click the class title to download a sample syllabus.)

Writing and the Spirit (Writing 551): Through reading and experiential exercises, learn how to live in ways most compatible with becoming inspired. Tuition $120

Story Basics (Writing 552): Develop skills in writing fiction and non-fiction stories within an open yet effective structure that not only offers room for but also invites inspiration. Tuition $120

Independent Study in Writing (Writing 570) allows students the opportunity to work under the supervision of an established writer while creating and/or revising a book length manuscript. Tuition is $100 per 10,000 words submitted, to allow for the professor’s compensation for time spent in critiques and/or edits. This calculates to $600 for a 60,000 word (average book length) manuscript.

Cost for the program:
Writing 551 = $120
Writing 552 = $120
Writing 570 = $600
Total cost = $840

Cost for a weekend in Disneyland, excluding travel expense:
Admission and rides per day for adult and kids 10 years or older = $99.50 or $597 for two adults and one one such kid for two days.
Comfort Inn = $199. per day = $398
Food, two days, three meals per day at $10 per meal (good luck finding it cheaper in that neighborhood) = $180
Total cost = $1175 (not counting taxes, motel resort fees, snacks and mouse ears)

Potential financial benefit of Disneyland trip = $0

Potential financial benefit of your book = $0 – $10,000,000 or so. (Dreams are good for us, right)

Decide for yourself which is more valuable, a nice vacation and some memories or the book you have been thinking about writing, maybe for years. If your spouse or partner is your ally, he or she will leave the decision up to you. Don’t even think of asking your kids for their opinion. They are, after all, kids.

And if they learn you are considering Disneyland and pester you, promise that should your book sell like crazy you’ll take them on lots of such trips. If nothing else, you’ll be teaching them about deferred gratification.

Also, for those who prefer not to suffer the slings and arrows of seeking agents and publishers, we also offer a Certificate Professional program.