Admission to the Degree Program

Perelandra College is dedicated to real education. We exist to help people learn to think more critically and intuitively.

We are not essentially a vocational program.

As our classes are based upon serious, often difficult reading, we ask that applicants provide evidence of scholarly ability by: the completion of a bachelor level degree from an accredited institution with a grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale; or completion of an associate degree or higher or equivalent from an accredited or unaccredited institution and proof of college level reading ability as measured by a commonly recognized exam such as the College Board SAT English Subject exam.

Associate degree equivalence should include two 3 semester credit classes of college level English Composition; two 3 semester credit classes in Social Science classes excluding History; two 3 semester credit History classes, at least one of them in Western Civilization; one 3 semester credit class in Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication; and one 3 semester credit class in Life Science or Physical Science, to total at least 30 college level semester credits.

In addition to the above, prospective students should have access to the internet and be competent in the use of computers to the extent that they can correspond by email.

Anyone interested in the program who has not met the above qualifications should contact for suggestions about how to meet them.

Prospective applicants who meet the qualifications should apply by submitting:

Transcripts (unofficial transcript are acceptable for admission purposes although official transcripts of all college work are required for graduation)

A completed information form, sent by mail or email attachment.

An application fee of $25, which can be submitted through Paypal or Dropbox (see our Join Us page) or as a check (see our Contact page) along with the Information and Enrollment forms (downloadable below). 

Download the information and enrollment forms here.