• Aristotle, a Lesson

    ACTION IDEA Steps for creating and refining an action idea, using Michael Tierno’s Aristotle’s Poetics for Screenwriters. The action idea is not only helpful for screenwriters, but it can help novelists in plenty of ways. It can serve as a summary when querying agents, or when creating a sell sheet, or as a book description more

  • A Letter to the American Church

    A review of A Letter to the American Church by Eric Metaxas, offered by Ken Kuhlken: I will credit Mr. Metaxas for offering, in Letters to the American Church,  valuable history lessons concerning Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce. However, that’s about the extent of my admiration. Mr. Metaxas appears to be preaching to the protestant, fundamentalist more

  • River Rising

    As I am always on the lookout for well written, wise, and honest novels that include Christian characters, I’m most delighted to have discovered Athol Dickson. His novel River Rising brings to vivid life a village in the Mississippi Delta at the time of the Great Flood of 1927. The book gives us a cast more

  • Walk the Line

    If we watch a fictional film about people whose lives or careers we have followed, it can be hard to detach the fact from the fiction. In a sense we need to choose between the real people and the characters. At least I do. So, after watching Walk the Line, I prefer to think of more

  • The Apostle

    A mission of mine is to alert people to what I call honest Christian fiction, which of course can include film and even some television as well as books. Should you care to know why I think this mission is worth the effort, please read my review of Tender Mercies. Robert Duvall is the living more

  • Tender Mercies

    I am on a mission to find the best popular entertainment that treats Christians with both respect and realism. By realism, I simply mean that after reading, watching, or listening we should know at least a little more about the reality we live in. This mission compels me because I’m convinced far too little such more

  • The Tipping Point

    The Tipping Point I usually prefer reading fiction, so I hadn’t run out and bought Malcolm Gladwell despite several recommendations. In the beginning, while reading about Hush Puppies, Sesame Street, and a suicide epidemic, I was truly fascinated. But as the book wore on,. my fascination gradually subsided. Still, I don’t blame Mr. Gladwell so more

  • A Sort of Manifesto

    from Ken Kuhlken Backstory: when I was sixteen my dear friend Eric moved in with me. Both our fathers had passed on. My mom was in a hospital isolation ward with spinal meningitis. Eric’s mom was crazy. Eric may have been an angel. You could learn more about him in Reading Brother Lawrence.  When I more

  • Who Needs College? Laurent.

    From Rats in the Ivory Tower, Episode 8 Lots of well-intentioned people will contend that college isn’t necessary. I certainly agree. It isn’t always necessary. I mean many successful people have skipped over that experience and devoted those years to efforts that helped make their fortunes, their celebrity, or whatever. Neither does college guarantee anything, more

  • Philip Yancey’s Memoir

    Around a dozen years ago, I was invited to teach at the Point Loma Nazarene College annual writer’s symposium. One of my classes was non-fiction, by no means my specialty. When I learned Philip Yancey, a writer I much admire, would also be at the symposium, I was delighted. But when I learned Mr. Yancey more