Earn a Certificate While Creating Your Book, from Idea to Publication

Whether or not you have a degree, employers are impressed when they see that a potential employee has taken the initiative to learn to write well. Be sure to add the certificate you’ve earned to your all-important resume.

The Perelandra writing certificate program is a great tool to help you persevere and finish your book project. How many people start a book but never finish it—or say they want to write a book but never even get started?

Imagine writing your book with the help and encouragement of an experienced writer, while earning a certificate to display as evidence of your hard work and proficiency.

Perelandra College offers the following certificates: 

Writing to Inspire: Take your story from idea to realization with guidance from our author-professors. Help people in their faith journey by using the skills you learn, by sharing your experience, imagination, and insights.
Classes: Story Basics; Writing and the Spirit; 6 credits from Wisdom classes or Writing electives.

Christian Wisdom: Make your mark on your readers as a source of deep understanding and insight.
Classes: Timeless Wisdom; Wisdom of the Modern Era; The Bible as Literature; choice of an elective