Earn a Certificate While Creating Your Book, from Idea to Publication

Whether or not you have a degree, employers are impressed when they see that a potential employee has taken the initiative to learn to write well. Be sure to add the certificate you’ve earned to your all-important resume.

The Perelandra writing certificate program is a great tool to help you persevere and finish your book project. How many people start a book but never finish it—or say they want to write a book but never even get started?

Imagine writing your book with the help and encouragement of an experienced writer, while earning a certificate to display as evidence of your hard work and proficiency.

Perelandra College offers the following certificates: 

Wisdom, Writing, and Book Publishing:

With our assistance, you can learn plenty about story writing that applies to fiction, non-fiction, and memoir, get all the help you need to independently publish your book and at the same time qualify for a certificate in Christian Wisdom and Creative Writing and earn 15 semester credits toward the Bachelor’s, Master’s, Master of Fine Arts, or PhD degree, should you decide to pursue one of them.

Classes: Story Basics, Advanced Story, Book Publishing, and 6 credits of Wisdom classes. Total 15 credits

Editing: The certificate program offers Development Editing, which provides suggestions concerning macro issues such as character and plot development, adding, cutting, etc; Copy Editing, in which the editor checks for grammatical usage, consistency, accuracy and other important micro issues; and Proofreading, making the final copy error free.

The cost for editing and proofreading is based upon an hourly charge of $50 per hour. Most manuscripts can be edited at around twenty (250 word) pages per hour, so a book of 60,000 words requires around 12 hours.

Although the total cost for this program of course depends upon the length and condition of your manuscript, the total cost of the program will be around $3000 for a book 60,000 words and $250-$300 per additional 10,000 words.

We invite you to compare our program with and Editing Costs alone estimate from REEDSY, which we believe is also a most reputable resource:

Writing to Inspire:

Take your story from idea to realization with guidance from our author-professors. Help people in their faith journey by using the skills you learn, by sharing your experience, imagination, and insights.

Classes: Story Basics; Writing and the Spirit; 6 credits from Wisdom classes or Writing electives.

Christian Wisdom:

Prepare to introduce your readers to deep understandings and insights.

Classes: Timeless Wisdom; Wisdom of the Modern Era; The Bible as Literature; choice of an elective