Degree Completion

We exist to help you become the person you dream of becoming.


We offer college degrees at every level to people who have experienced life getting in the way of their education. 

All our degree programs leave room for elective classes and credit for life experience. If you have written a book, studied in a vocational program, served in the military, or worked in ministry, we consider such experience as valuable and may be able to apply it to your degree.

Perelandra College is dedicated to providing skills, wisdom, and the freedom from debt that can allow our graduates to use what they have learned for the benefit of themselves and their neighbors.

Should you, for a career opportunity, require a degree from a traditionally accredited institution, we will certainly encourage you in that direction rather than try to recruit you into a program that may be the wrong choice. Though coursework from Perelandra College can lead to accredited degrees from City Vision University, Omega Graduate School, or United Theological Seminary, we always advise our students on the best and most efficient pathways to their individual goals.