An enrollment fee of $50 whether paid before or after the completion of the enrollment form, is non-refundable. The entire tuition, less the application fee, will be refunded if the application for refund is made by email prior to submitting the first lesson.  For example, if a student or prospective student pays for one 3 credit class, the total payment will be $300 Full refund will be $250 if no lessons are submitted.

After at least one lesson is submitted and upon application for refund, the college shall refund the tuition paid less an amount based on the number of lessons submitted by the student in the respective class. This amount will be considered the per-lesson charge, and the refund shall be calculated as follows:

If the student applies for refund after submitting one lesson of a ten-lesson class, a charge of 1/10 (10%) of the tuition less the per-class enrollment fee shall be assessed. If he or she applies after submitting the second lesson, a charge of 2/10 (20%) shall be assessed. The tuition paid less the lessons charged less the transaction cost shall be the amount of refund.

Application for refund should be directed to:  Cancellation is in effect from the day a student’s request is received by the college by phone, email, or in any manner. The refund will be processed and mailed within 30 days.

* Classes are officially dated to start on day one of the month following enrollment processing, though you and the professor may agree to start earlier.

** Classes are scheduled to end no later than three months following the registration date. Although time extensions may be allowed should the professor agree, no refund of any kind will be granted after the end date given above.

The above contract discloses all costs and obligations and is legally binding upon Perelandra College and its students.