Elective classes

Our classes offer rigorous university level instruction, yet they are are open to all regardless of enrollment in a program.  

Go here for classes in our Wisdom curriculum.

The current available electives are: 

Writing and the Spirit: Learn how and where to find inspiration through reading and experiential exercises. The reading includes professor Ken Kuhlken’s Writing and the Spirit. Writing 501. 

Story Basics: Develop skills in writing fiction and non-fiction stories beginning with effective structures that not only offer room for but also invite inspiration. Read Michael Tierno, Aristotle’s Poetics for Screenwriters; Jon Franklin, Writing for Story; Strunk, White and Angell,  Elements of Style;  William Zinsser, On Writing Well; also recommended:  John Gardner, On Moral Fiction. Writing 502. Syllabus available.

Poetry Basics: Approach poetry emphasizing ways to use the language more effectively in all modes of writing. Includes readings from exemplary poets. Writing 503.

Writing Essays and Speeches: offers an introduction to the art and craft of essay and speech writing. Students will gain the skills, confidence and motivation to begin writing essays and speeches of various styles and intents, including sermons. Writing 504.