From author Lorilyn Roberts:

After winning 40 writing/book awards and selling/giving away over 200,000 books, outside of my faith in Jesus Christ, to what do I attribute my tiny bit of success? Perelandra College gave me a firm foundation in creative writing. The flexibility of the college allowed me to earn my Master of Arts in Creative Writing while working full-time. I highly recommend Perelandra College to creative individuals, particularly Christians, who want to grow as writers, speakers, and artists to the glory of God.

From author Nicole L Rivera:

I am very thankful for Perelandra College for making writing degrees affordable and practical for real world application. Since receiving my Masters in Creative Writing, I’ve been able to publish three books. One of the books was based on my thesis. The other book, I got to write and fine tune as an assignment while completing my coursework. All the professors are encouraging, respectful, and go out of their way to help students succeed.

From Educator Alex Karola:

As an English teacher and writer, the skills I learned from Professor Kuhlken and the other Perelandra professors and instructors have been invaluable. More importantly, though, I was taught to put meaning into my work. In each class, we were asked to assess the broader value of the literature we studied and the work that we produced. This reflection helps me not only to be a better writer, but also a more compassionate human being.”

From educator Melissa Main

At the time that I took classes at Perelandra, it was accredited by DETC. My Master of Arts in Creative Writing allowed me to renew my teaching certificate and enabled me to teach college English classes. My dream of teaching at the college level finally became a reality.

Ken Kulhken is the best writing instructor I have ever had. He encouraged me and told me how to improve my writing. I am thankful for the knowledge that I gained.

I have had many writing opportunities since earning my degree. I have worked as a full-time staff writer at a local newspaper, and I have worked as a content writer and editor for businesses. Currently, I am a freelance writer and editor at HarperCollins, one of the largest publishing companies in the United States.

I am thankful epecially for Ken’s help. Many people know how to criticize writers, but he knows how to instruct and inspire them. Some people are just way too harsh when they correct writers. He showed me my errors, but also gave me confidence.

I am thankful for the Perelandra College program and professors, who were just twhat I needed.

From educator Ellen Freytag

Perelandra College was a great way for me, a retired teacher, to earn a Masters Degree in Writing.  Over a period of months, I took one class at a time.  I wrote several short stories and nouvellas, critiqued a book, and enjoyed research for my 2-part novel, “The Morning Side of the River” which I have had printed.  I give it away to gently share with people the themes of finding oneself, fitting in, and forgiving.

Also, my portfolio was a great way for me to gather my former teaching experiences into one place.

The Perelandra teachers were always helpful and caring.  Their method is great for any non-traditional campus student.