For MFAs

Perelandra College began as an online school for writers, especially those interested in Christianity. Yet we declined to offer the MFA degree, which we believed should require in-person workshops, as MFAs would likely teach in such.

When I earned an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Iowa, so few MFA programs existed that a college teaching position seemed attainable. But since then, MFA programs have proliferated, delivering a multitude of prospective applicants for each job.

These applicants can certainly improve the status of their candidacy by publications or awards. While those are sound and worthy goals, achieving them may not happen soon enough.

Our PhD program provides the opportunity to use continuing education, which thoughtful writers will in any case pursue, as a means to earn a degree that exhibits their dedication to learning and their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

The faculty does its best to help writers structure their course so that it serves as an integral part of the fund of knowledge and inspiration that can make a book project truly engrossing and valuable.

Though our PhD degree is not accredited, the holder of a terminal degree doesn’t need more accreditation, which always means a burden of expense and restrictions.

Please inquire about how we can make our PhD program work for you.