The purpose of Perelandra College is simply to educate.

We believe in reading and writing.

Our first aim is to send prospective learners to books that will give them insights, prompt them to think, and in most cases give them delight in the reading experience. To achieve this goal, we post our reading lists online so learners can simply access the books and become self-educated.

Our professors are essentially mentors who offer feedback on student writing assignments. As we can hardly ask these highly-educated and skilled people to work for free, we ask students seeking degrees or certificates for minimal tuition.

The current cost of Perelandra College classes (including mentorship) is $70 per credit, all of which goes to the professor.

Anyone who would care to join us in the effort to help people become wiser and more literate can help subsidize our administrative and marketing costs by simply using the links to the books (or films) we assign for classes or review on our blog, or by DONATING.

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