Joan of Arcadia

After Zoe left for college, I dug out my two-season Joan of Arcadia DVD collection. For those not familiar with the show, it revolves around a high school girl to whom God, appearing as a variety of rather ordinary people, makes himself known and offers suggestions and challenges.

Since first watching the series, I have delighted in the notion that anybody we meet could speak for God. But this time through, something even more intriguing has come clear to me.

Here it is: every challenge from God — such as plant a garden or join the chess club — that Joan attempts to meet has profound effects not only on her, but on her family, on friends, and on people she may not even know exist. 

This may appear simplistic, but to watch the results of the challenges work out in a well-written and well-acted drama is engaging and often memorable. What’s more, it’s helping me recognize challenges that present themselves as opportunities to do good work, rather than as burdens. And in this context, I can almost make sense of my life. 

Do yourself a great service and watch Joan of Arcadia.

I have bought  couple copies just to give away.

Amazon: Joan of Arcadia

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