Job or Life, Take Your Pick

College should be more than vocational training. It should also be the introduction to a rich and satisfying life.

Here’s a passage from a recent New York Times article:

“’The largest problem of skills in the U.S. today isn’t a shortage of young workers with specific competencies,’ Eric Hanushek, researcher and Stanford professor, wrote in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed. ‘Instead it is a need for more general cognitive skills that give workers the ability to adapt to new circumstances and new jobs.’

“Clearly, this country still needs more and better vocational education. It remains a path to good blue-collar jobs for many Americans, and it could be a path for even more. But vocational education is not a perfect solution to blue-collar wage stagnation, and it can’t be the only solution.”

“We also need to think about how to retrain people as they age. And we shouldn’t be promoting vocational education at the expense of general education. Expanding the number of four-year college graduates also deserves to be a national priority. They continue to fare much better in the job market than people who have not had the benefit of a broad, flexible education.”

Please consider the benefits to you, family, or friends, of pursuing a broad, flexible education at Perelandra College, and perhaps pass along our message.