Master of Fine Arts

The Master of Fine Arts is a terminal degree that prepares students to become professors, lecturers, or instructors in colleges or universities.


48 total graduate level semester credits;

24 credits in writing. 18 of these should be in creative writing, including Story Basics, Advanced Story, 3 credits in Genre writing or Book Publishing, and 6 credits in workshops.

See our current Creative Writing classes.

Transfer credits are liberally allowed.

12 credits in literature, minimum of 6 from our Great Christian Books classes;

An approved book length thesis.

Workshops are structured critique sessions led by a professor and attended by no fewer than three and no more than five students. Our online workshops meet at given times, commonly as two sessions, each lasting two to three hours, for a one credit class. Students are asked to submit a short work or part of a larger work for critique in each class session.