From Gary Swaim, Perelandra College Professor Emeritus:

I wanted to let you know that I have received my latest publication:  QUIXOTIC NOTIONS.  Approximately 150 pages and is available on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  The book is a collection of both some of my older poetry and some new poetry, along with a variety of my paintings (placed when possible in relationship to one another).  I’m very pleased with it and would love to have you or someone in your cadre of people review it, if possible.  I’m very proud of both its appearance and its substance.

I’m already working on two other books: one with the working title. . .10 IN A BROKEN LINE. . .perhaps with a subtitle, as it will essentially be stories in a creative non-fiction style and historical in nature, all related to fascinating people in my DNA-verified Swaim family line.  It’s intended to cover a very expansive period of time, as I have over 11,500 people in my tree ranging from numerous ggrandfathers who were from the Plantagenet family of kings to my 5th ggrandmother who was a freed slave married to my ggrandfather, a white man, who lived in North Carolina in the mountains away from even small communities, of necessity.  The second book, almost finished is a collection of short stories based on the county where my Father was born in Northeast Texas.  Still staying very busy.


Gary D. Swaim, Ph.D. 
Faculty Advisor, Creative Writing, Southern Methodist University
Minnie Stevens Piper Professor of Excellence for the State of Texas
2011 Texas Senior Poet Laureate
CONFLUENCE, Emeritus Editor-in-Chief
Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs, National Office, Duke University


And again, thanks to the generous businesses that sponsored the Perelandra College second annual fundraiser golf shindig.

They are:  Mission Trails Golf Course
Tecolote Canyon Golf Course
Bonita Golf Course
Berry’s Athletic Supply
Sprouts Market
Nandos Taco Shop, 8025 Broadway, Lemon Grove

How about playing a round or buying something from them? Or, if you live far away, send them a thumbs up text message and cc a San Diego friend.

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  1. My great thanks to you, Ken.

    1. kenkuhlken says:

      My pleasure, Gary. You are truly an inspiration.

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