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Cost and Payment options:

The cost of Perelandra College classes is $100 per credit. Most of the classes are given for three credits.

In order to minimize our administrative costs and thereby keep our tuition low, we decline to offer financing. We can, however, allow monthly prepayments, by check or through the Paypal button on our Friends page.

Once a minimum of $50 is paid toward a class, we can send the syllabus so that the student can begin with the reading and writing projects required. Then, once the class is paid for, the student can be well on the way to finishing the class under the mentorship of one of our professors.

Should a prospective student prepay any amount then decide not to enroll, the prepaid amount can be considered a donation, for which we will send a receipt usable for tax deduction purposes.

These options allow students the opportunity to study on their own, guided by our syllabi, for a donation of $50 per class to a most worthy cause.

Please send enquiries about the current availability of classes to: ken@perelandra.edu


– See more at: http://perelandra.edu/classes/#sthash.HaD4hnBw.dpuf