The Breeze, 3-31-21

Dear Friends of Perelandra College,

My Zoe is now a first-year student at MIT, and one thing that impresses me about that place is how well they communicate with students and family members like me. Every couple weeks I get a newsy email from the college president. Of course he may earn the most of any college president and I surely earn the least of any college president and he is most likely pressured by the board of governors and I am not and he has a staff and I don’t and so on. Still I feel a bit shamed by his congenial persistence.

So I intend to try keep you all up to date on Perelandra College with a brief letter at least every couple months.

Here’s a reminder of why we exist, for those of you who may not know or remember the college history:

In 2002, Pam and I got encouraged to create a place for Christian writers to learn skills and feel at home. So with the help of enthusiastic friends, we did just that, and powered through myriad obstacles until we achieved accreditation. Then we grew, steadily but too slowly to maintain the financial requirements of our accreditors.

After withdrawing from the accreditation, since we could no longer, on account of California regulations, grant degrees, we turned to offering certificates in writing, which kept us alive though hardly prospering.

Stan DeKoven, a friend and the president of Vision International University, alerted us to the possibility of getting the California licensing requirements waived if we could convince the Bureau for Private Post-secondary Education that we were a strictly religious institution.

After two years lobbying, that’s what we are. And I am pleased about what we have become. Take a look at or a tour of the website.

I delight in our latest iteration because I have realized over nineteen years that the world will not necessarily benefit from skilled Christian writers. Rather, skilled writers promoting wrongheaded doctrines are dangerous. What, I would argue, the world needs most is people grounded in the wisest of Christian thought who are also skilled writers.

So we offer degrees in Christian wisdom and a certificate in writing.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for being our friend.



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