The Future


The View from our Future Campus

Dear Ken,

Several years ago I applied and was accepted to Perelandra’s Master’s degree program in Creative Writing. But the school abruptly dropped the program. I know they did what they had to do, but I sincerely wish Perelandra would again offer the program — even if only at the State-Approved level.

The world needs this program! The world needs Perelandra College!

– K

Dear K,

Many thanks for your kind words. I too believe the world needs Perelandra College, and I would love to revive our MA and BA programs. I have been in contact with the licensing people, and am well prepared to begin the process again, but to go ahead we simply need more support.

Even the slightest help toward that end would be deeply appreciated. Meanwhile, if you would like to take a class or two, you and we could hold onto your submissions and whenever the license gets renewed, you could reenroll at no cost and resubmit for credit toward the degree.

Wishing you many blessings,


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