Great Books, Links, & Affiliations

GREAT BOOKS: Perhaps the most critical mission of Perelandra College is to encourage all who want to write, to read, and not only for entertainment, but also to gain wisdom, so that their own work can become ever more informed and inspiring. We know our classes and programs aren’t the best choice for everyone of you; nevertheless, we hope you all will consider reading some or many of the books the college requires or recommends.

HONEST CHRISTIAN FICTION: Honest Christian fiction can be literary or genre, realistic or fantasy, but it probably won’t fit into a firmly established niche. It may be gritty and/or more likely to feature flawed characters with whom readers can sympathize. It can be but doesn’t need to be inspirational. Probably at least one of its characters will be a believer or in hot pursuit of faith. It is a book  a discriminating reader who believes in Christ’s message will likely find compelling, thoughtful, memorable, and in some way significant to Christian faith or how that faith plays out in the world. Here you will find a list of such books, always a work in progress.

MORE LINKS to resources Perelandra College professors and students have found to be informative, thought provoking, and/or useful. 

Food for thought: 

Mosaic, for podcasts of messages from a church founded by Erwin McManus, a strong advocate of the arts.

Evangelicals for Social Action, an organization of Christians advocating for justice and mercy. 

Open Culture — The best free cultural and educational media on the web.  An astonishing collection of great (and free) ebooks, lectures, classes, readings.

Brain Pickings, for lots of wisdom.

Brian Zahnd preaches and writes about living in the Kingdom of God while physically situated in a kingdom ruled by what Friedrich Nietzsche termed the “will to power”. Find books and podcasts on his website.

Mary DeMuth — On Mary’s podcast, Pray Every Day, she reads through the Bible for about five minutes each episode and then prayer for her listeners as the scripture prompts. She also writes books and serves as an agent for Books and Such.

Some services and resources:

The Editorial Department: A trusted resource for writers since 1980.

Crystal Bowman, for editing services, specializing in non-fiction and writing for children;

Laurie Gibson, a highly experienced and reasonably priced editor for  fiction and non-fiction;

Hickey & McGee, Publishers, a small press whose profits support Perelandra College;

If your desire for education is primarily about earning a degree for employment purposes, here’s a website that may help. 

Kingdom Writers: Christians who write or would like to can find valuable. resources and a welcoming community.

Writers Spotlight is for screenwriters. Those whose goals include writing for film or television, this might well become your ticket to success in a most daunting field.

Book Marketing: In a field with lots of hype and scamming, we have found these folks to be valuable and reliable:

Reedsy, Jane Friedman, KindlepreneurDavid Gaughran


Academic Council for Educational Accountability: ACEA

Vision International University: Agreements with Vision allow our students and Vision students to transfer classes to and from each other.