What We Are About

What We Are

A community of individuals dedicated to understanding and living out the wisdom of Christ and the works of writers inspired by his wisdom;

Advocates of literacy, honesty, beauty, and truth.

What We Are Not (although members of the community may identify as some of these):

Republicans; Methodists; Democrats; Libertarians; Catholics; Hopis; Conservatives; Anarchists; Capitalists; Evangelicals; Unitarians; Socialists; Muslims; Quakers; Buddhists; Progressives

Having transformed from an accredited online college to one determined to innovate beyond the constraints of regulators, we are a perpetual work in progress.

AT PRESENT we offer:

• a variety of single classes;
• an Associate of Arts degree in Applied Knowledge
• a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian History and Literature
• a Master of Arts and Doctorate degrees in Christian Wisdom
certificates in Writing to Inspire and Christian Wisdom

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