Why Perelandra College?

Our promise: We believe people should follow the pursuits they feel called to, and their studies should largely be based upon that call. Our programs are structured in accord with that belief.

Our Mission:  To promote and nurture life-changing wisdom, offering a Christ-centered liberal arts based alternative to dogmatic indoctrination; to help our students communicate with skill, inspiration, and integrity; to accomplish these challenges without burdening our students with debt; and to offer classes and other resources that assist students and alumni in pursuing their artistic, evangelical, scholarly, and other callings.

Our process: Our classes, delivered and conducted online, are all about reading, thinking, and writing at your own pace. We don’t insist upon set class hours or rigid deadlines. In accord with our preference to cooperation rather than competition, our grading is competency-based and assessed CR/NR. Read more about our process.

Some Practical Advantages: 

Cost: Because we minimize administrative and advertising expenses and the extravagance of CHEA approved accreditation, our tuition is only $100 per credit, which equates to $3000 for an MA or PhD degree. Also, we help students lower their cost even further with transfer class guidance, liberal transfer policies, and acceptance of credit for life experience.

Flexible Requirements: We adapt to student-determined goals. Should someone choose to learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls, or the status of Women in Old Testament Times, or the controversy over the historical truth of the Eqyptian captivity, we can oblige. 

Flexible schedules: Since classes at Perelandra College are asynchronous and generally structured as one-on-one mentoring, set schedules aren’t required. One student may do better in the evening, another in the morning; one may pursue a class a month while the next chooses a much slower pace. 

Superior Education: We are a college in the Western liberal arts tradition, devoted to scholarship and unburdened by political considerations, dogmatism, or financial dependence. We adhere to the calling of Christ to win minds, hearts, and souls, yet the intellectual depth and range of our programs is meant to open minds rather than to close them. We are guided by John 8:31-32, in which Christ assured his listeners, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 

Those seeking wisdom, challenge, a career in ministry, an unparalleled emphasis on inspiration and skills, or simply to keep their minds growing, should seriously consider Perelandra College.