Why the name Perelandra?

Dr. Pam Fox, one of our founders, suggested the name Perelandra College.

Perelandra is a novel by C.S. Lewis, an author we admire and several of whose books we recommend and assign in our classes.

“The novel, part of Mr. Lewis’s Space Trilogy, is set on a planet where free people live on a floating island and are led by a giant green woman who prefers living naked.


As often happens on earth, the planet’s rulers, who live on the mainland, resent the free people and their attitudes and so attempt to dominate them.

What we love most about the name Perelandra is that the concept of this floating island of free people describes both the condition of artists on earth and the untethered brand of learning distance education employs.

We considered making the green woman our logo but thought we might too easily be misunderstood. Perhaps as we grow and establish a sports team, we will make her our mascot.

Portrait by James Lewiki.