Why Consider an Unaccredited College?

We’re not inviting you to enroll in one of our degree programs, just to consider a few facts:

What is Accreditation:
Accreditation of schools and colleges in the U.S. began as in the 19th century “as a means of conducting nongovernmental, peer evaluation” to assure a certain level of academic quality and institutional integrity.

By 2002, when we founded Perelandra College and were faced with the choice to pursue accreditation, the community of accreditors had become an industry that supported itself by assessing whether applicants were financially sound, competent in record keeping, and marginally academically qualified.

Since then, accreditors have assumed the role of gatekeepers of federal student aid, which in our view disables its primary mission by rendering it counter-productive to  institutional creativity or academic improvement. 

of an accredited college are: accreditation virtually guarantees transfer of credits and degrees between most institutions, and it allows students to apply for federal financial grants and loans.

Disadvantages of accreditation: cost, because of the expenditures involved require students to pay around three times what a college like ours can charge; and rigidity, meaning excessive standardization.

Advantages of Perelandra College: In addiction to our low tuition, $100 per credit, which equates to $3000 as the cost of an MA or PhD degree, we are small (and unregulated) enough to be centered on student-determined goals. Should someone choose to learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls, or the status of Women in Old Testament Times, or the controversy over the historical truth of the Eqyptian captivity, we can oblige. 

During this year’s rise in online learning, students and teachers have objected to the necessity of set classroom hours. Since classes at Perelandra College are asynchronous, set schedules aren’t required. One student may pursue a class a month while the next chooses a much slower pace.

If we were accredited, as we were before we declined to renew for financial reasons, we would need to set time limits because accreditors would judge us by student progress through the program, by the salaries of graduates, and by other details about which we have no particular interest. 

We are not a vocational school. 

Our advice is: if your purpose for the degree involves qualifying for a certain profession, unless you research and find that accreditation is not an issue in that field, by all means look elsewhere. 

However, if you simply want education, wisdom, challenge, a career in ministry, a heftier  resume, or to keep your mind growing, please keep looking at Perelandra College.

Q & A:   More straight answers about the value of our programs.

Our Mission:  To promote wisdom from a Christ-centered perspective, offering an alternative to dogmatic indoctrination; to help our students communicate with skill, inspiration, and integrity; and to accomplish all this at a cost so minimal as to free our students from the burden of debt.