Why We Have Turned from Writing to Great Books

Some friends of Perelandra College don’t quite understand why we have turned from a writing emphasis to a Christian great books program.

First I will note that we still offer our writing classes and can still grant certificates in writing. 

From the beginning, a goal of ours has been to raise the quality of writing that engages and honestly informs readers about Christ and Christian people. We aimed for this goal because we had assessed that the vast majority of books labeled Christian were hardly thought-provoking or honest. 

Over seventeen years we have recognized that to accomplish this goal, writers need to learn more than skills. They also need to learn to think more deeply, critically, and open-mindedly. W have no mission to teach writing skills to those who would imitative or dishonest stories. 

Our Christian wisdom program promotes earnest, independent, and original thought by asking students to respond to the ideas of a variety of brilliant thinkers. Our hope is that given such a background, the writing skills we teach will be put to valuable use.

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